If you dream of being autonomous when travelling the world, or have you dreamed of enjoying your holidays on the road and sleeping wherever you like? Well, this is now possible with STee FRee bed systems and self-conversion kits. We design and produce products that can transform your day van or people carrier in a camper for just a fraction of the price of professionally converted van. Our mattresses add superior comfort to any bed for good night sleeps on the go.

Our company established in 2017 by two long time friends and camping enthusiasts – Todor and Stefan. We have already had substantive experience in camping over the years, initially with tents and later with caravans and campers. Lead by experience, we realised that in order to travel light and flexible, one does not need more than a small van. It is a cost effective way of travel and camping. After many years on the go, we have joined countless others who go camping in a van and for us It is the most satisfying way to travel. Because we did not have deep pockets to afford something like VW California or similar, we bought VW T5 Caravelle and T4 Multivan.

Thereafter we started looking at how to adapt these people carriers to serve our camping needs. Soon we realised that there weren’t many companies offering suitable sleep systems or bed extensions. This inspired us to design our own. After countless trials and errors, we came to the optimal solution i.e. our first Multiflexboard. We then tested it on the market and it has been success ever since. With the help of our customers’ critical feedback we have made improvements and enhanced designs. It took us years to establish ourselves as a reputable business with recognised badge of quality.

STee FRee is one vastly expanding young company which has now become international. Our main branch is in the United Kingdom, and we have branches in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. With over 5000 products sold since 2019, more than 1000 positive reviews left on our eBay store and 99% positive rating, STee FRee has established itself as one of the leading companies producing campervan accessories.

Our focus and main objective is to make products that are of very high quality, durability and longevity at an affordable price. We have been praised for our close relation with customers and aftermarket care.

And the journey continues…

STee FRee team CEO
STee FRee team